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Salt questionnaire

topic:  Salt

Quick questions
 Do we need sodium chloride in our diet?
one answer: yes
Which chemicals are found in refined salt?
Is the mineral content of the sea the same as blood or is it related in a meaningful way?
Does refined salt involve in its creation temperatures of 1200 degrees F?

Questions looking for studies

 What physiological changes happen if people eat too much of the combination of minerals found in sea and rock salt?
 What physiological changes happen if people eat too much pure salt?
What are the long term health effects of refined salt compared to unrefined salt?
Does eating rock salt compared to regular salt help promote a healthy pH balance?
Can we see a noticeable difference in the levels of consumption of salt when purified salt is introduced to a population?

More involved Questions
Which animals need to eat salt?
Are people eating too much salt?
 Is the balance of certain minerals present in sea salt and salt deposits important for supporting good health?
 Why do people choose to eat too much salt?
Can you give an overview and categorise different processes done to make types of salt?
Why, or why not, refine salt?

Big broad essay: Can you give an overview of how mineral deposits from the sea, or extracts from them, are involved in health?

Questions to give a scale and/or summary
How would you grade different types of salt in terms of how healthy they are when eaten?  Provide reasoning too