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Blackmore Vale Butchery

Welcome to The Award Winning Blackmore Vale Butchery.

We hope to serve the people of Dorset and neighboring counties with the best possible service and best quality meats.
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Our Meat

We get our meat from local suppliers who treat the animals well, keep them healthy and get them into a good shape to sell.

We get quite a broad a range of more interesting breeds, which can make a real difference to the flavour and character of the meat.
We work from the believe that it is healthier for you to eat good meat form an animal that was healthy and happy.

We are located in the heart of the blackmore vale on a sweet family run farm which hosts great fishing lakes and lovely camping caravan facilities.
We hope to serve the people of Dorset and neighbouring counties with the best possible service and best quality meats with the aim to be the best Dorset butchers in town!
General Opening Hours are: Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5pm
About us

We are a traditional family run butchers in Dorset with a keen interest in the supply of quality South West meats and a commitment to the satisfaction of our customers.


We put a lot of care into aging all joints of beef here on site. We hang all of our beef for at least 28 days. Other pices we will hang for even longer if the fat is suitable on the joint.
Look on your pack for how many days it was aged


Years of experience and practice have gone into developing our sausages into the Award Winners that they are today. Again we have moved with the times and adapted recipes to ensure that sausage lovers from all over the UK continually come back Using only the very highest quality pork, seasonings and natural casings gives that succulent flavour and texture which reflects a true British sausage.
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You will find a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.
Meat orders via phone are welcome. If you wish you can to preorder and collect or we can send via courier. We take card payments over the phone.
Order by phone: 01747 838881