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C and S meats

In brief

Butcher Shop, Animal Control Service
C and S Meats are a family run Abattoir & Butchery based in Dorset.
We specialise in humane slaughter & butchery for all farmers and small holders. We are an efficient and experienced abattoir and butchery committed to maintaining a high level of quality and hygiene in all areas of our business.We provide excellent animal welfare and pre-slaughter care to help minimise stress. We are Organically and Freedom Foods approved and RSPCA monitored.
Abattoir services: cattle, pigs, lambs, goats, wild boar, water buffalo, bison and alpacas.
Butchery services: we are able to butcher to your specific individual requirements, with various different packaging, such as standard, bagged & labelled and vac pac.
We look forward to welcoming new customers and continuing to provide a top quality service to our existing customers.
White House Lane Sherborne, Dorset DT9 6HX
Owner and workers

Charlie Goodland owns and runs C & S Meats near Sherborne in Dorset and while he so obviously enjoys his work he, equally obviously, loves and respects animals too.
He and his team have great depth of knowledge in how to treat them when living as well as when skinning, etc.
Charleys trade started out in a butchers where he learnt the job thoroughly through working closely with an experienced slaughterman know as Maurice Mitch Mitchell. After the butchers Charlie went on to work as the killer in a large slaughterhouse gaining even more experience before finally setting up his own slaughterhouse in buildings on his family farm and now runs a new state of the art facility on his own land.
We now are employing seven men, including Charlies son Mark, (although we do have others to call on if needed).
“Just like Mitch was to me being on my back the whole time making sure I was doing things right now i’m always on the back of my lads making sure they dont let their professional standards slip. On the whole they are great & work their hearts out for me.”
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Our site and set up

This is purpose built slaughterhouse and built to our own specifications and finished in 2004. This state of the art premises includes various pieces of gear designed by Charlie himself drawing on his many years of experience. In fact the premises has hosted visits from many vets and other professionals interested in animal welfare including a team of top vets from Poland.
How we operate

The animals arrive at the rear of the building and concrete ramps take them into pens. We like the animals to arrive the day before slaughtering if at all possible as it means they have plenty of time to settle down.
The next day the animals are ushered, usually one at a time, into one of the knocking pens where a device similar to a cow crush (for larger animals) or a cradle (for smaller ones) may be used to hold the animal still for the actual slaughtering.
What we and other people are saying about the importance of keeping animals calm
Charlie tends to specialise in smallholders and small farmers rather than large contracts, which means he is able to offer a more personal service to each customer. This might include special butchery requirements or just one animal coming in from a smallholder.

The animals are then processed using an efficient system and taken through the different areas to be processes including gutting skinning all animals end up in one of the large cold rooms.
More about us

Charlie is also a farmer? With only 92 acres of his own after splitting up the farm Charlie has a suckler herd of around 40 cows. One heifer, Lucky, was hand reared and still very muchenjoys saying hello to Charlie as you can see in the picture. Behind Charlie and Lucky you can also see a day old calf which he was due to ear tag that afternoon.
In addition to the suckler herd Charlie and his son, Mark, run a shoot for a syndicate of friends. We really enjoy our shoot, with me looking after the very young birds and Mark doing thekeepering. says Charlie We have got five pens and when any bigger maintenance work needs doing the syndicate all muck in together - its good fun. We have got about 17 acres of game crops including afield of millet I grew from birdseed. Im not going to harvest it this year as it ripens so late but I might think about it in the future. I usually pick a few heads each day for my own birds toenjoy fresh though.
Charlie also has a number of ponds he has made on his land and these attract a number of bird species to the farm, which he very much enjoys. Not that Charlie is lacking in birds around the placeas the list of both animals and birds that Charlie and his wife Shirley share their lives with is staggering. To start with they have a breeding pair of Eagle Owls and another of African GreyParrots. Charlie also breeds Gouldian Finches, taking great pleasure in raising the tiny chicks to maturity. They also have quail, chicken, a peacock, ducks and geese that visit from next door. On the animal side there are the chipmunks, the rabbits (housed in Buckingham Palace), the guinea pigs, seven Cocker spaniels plus four Cocker spaniel puppies and one Labrador on a semi-permanent Holiday.