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Salt is a combination sodium and chlorine (NaCl). We all have salt in our bodies. Many animals eat salt in its pure form including us. 

There are a many different forms of salt on the market and you can find as much as a 4000% mark up from the cheapest salt to the most expensive. They can come from many different sources ranging from industrial plants, to mountain tops, to seas

Refining out impurities can be done different ways including:
1.Chemical separation:- Some production methods will have brine treated with chemicals to remove minerals. Chemicals used may be sulphuric acid or chlorine.
2: High heated and skimmed:- heavy sediment settles to the bottom, vacuumed and high heated. This may disrupt the molecular nature of the salt crystals. 
3. Simple heated and skimmed:- Brine is collected, heavy sediment settles to the bottom, then it is heated. During the heating the foam is skimmed off.
4: Sun evaporated ponds.

Some people believe certain salts are healthier that others and taste better.

What do you think is the difference difference between all the salts?
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