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Blackstone farm


Grass fed organic. Minimal need to supplement grass.
All concentrate feed is locally sourced
On-site sourced hay and silage, level 1
No GM feed

We do a rotating grazing 10 LU/Ha (fully sized female per hectare) X LU/Ha below average.
Lowland Lamb
time outside, X above average
Comfortable barn
Well being

All naturally serviced
Lived on one farm the entire life, 4 star local
Basic disease prevention and health maintenance
Antibiotic permitted but sparingly, SA Organic standard
Well hung, 21 day meat
Rich Mutton

we sell mutton
a stronger flavour, richer, just needs cooking longer
Tender Lamb


check out the meaning of your items conformation score.
Buy direct from us
Storing saftey

some more description
Live temprature probe