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Thatched Cottage Farm

Our story

We keep some well cared for rare breed Gloucestershire Old Spots in the woodland around the brewery who get to enjoy the plentiful amount of barley as part of their balanced diet.
We do not farm pigs for the entire life. Instead we manage them once they are old enough they would have left their parents in the wild. We create a healthy comfortable environment for them to grow up in. The pigs time on our farm begins after being collected from a local breeder.
Collecting direct from small holding breeders

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We buy from a farm 10.5 miles down the road. They are a very good farm who take very good care of the animals. They have many awards for breeding really good quality Gloucestershire Old Spots
it's a Gloucester Oldspot raised slowly outdoors
Managing social grouping of pigs

When picking the pigs to buy in we pay attention to the social groups before picking the pigs to take and house together. Generally we will aim to pick sows that have come from the same family group and so will have developed a hierarchy all ready.
Small stable groups to keep pigs more content
Accommodating for natural behaviors

we provide these:
Rooting and digging on outdoor ground
Space to scamper interact (with other animas as well) and be stimulated.
Mud wallowing Shelter and the experience the natural climate: changes in climate, night and day, sunlight and breezes etc.
During the pigs time on the farm they live in an environment similar to what they are evolved for, a large outdoor forested area. they are provided with a insulated shelter which they can keep very comfortable in colder weather and dry if wet. They are able to exercise natural behaviors such as rooting in the ground with their noses. There live in an area that remains at least 50m2 per 4-8 pigs. We will check up on the pigs when their area occasionally making adjustments to the comfort.
We provide these pigs needs as described in how pigs behave in natural habitas :
The pigs are outdoors in woodland on nice rooting and digging ground, which sometimes is covered in accorns.
Pigs feed

The pigs are provided with plenty of barley, which is a conserved waste product from the farms onsite brewery. The other large proportion of their diet is made up of pignuts, a specially made feed that provides the nutrients pigs need. Made from… In addition The paddock area is situated under an oak forest dropping acorns into their area when seeding in the Autumn. This part of the diet is very natural for them and is the sort of food wild boars would eat. Spanish Iberico pork makes a point of allowing their pigs to eat acorns and the flavor carries through to the meat.
Keeping them healthy

They seem to keep themselves healthy. We have had, so far, no cases requiring antibiotics and they have remained healthy and fine, (touch wood). This may be largely because the environment is healthy. They are comfortable, eat well, get plenty of exercise and fresh air, and good food.
Sending off

The pigs are taken away our selves in our trailer. It is a good comfortable strawed space. The journey is one hour.
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