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Bramble Barn

How we farm

The Adlams have been farming in North Dorset for 2 generations producing top-quality grass-fed, outdoor-reared Dexter beef and Texel and Charollais cross ewes and lambs on 100 acres at Bramble Barn near Buckhorn Weston in North Dorset.
The Dexter, which is the smallest breed of British cattle, originated in Ireland in 1750 and came to Britain in the 1890s.
Pedigree Dexter beef cooks superbly because of the excellent marbling and eats like a dream. Delicious Pedigree Dexter Beef is of outstanding quality and tastes as beef used to taste. Dexter beef appears regularly on TV cooking programme,s is the best beef around yet is still little known.
The Adlams small and hardy Dexters are grass-fed and live outside all year round.
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