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Hawks Barn Farm

Hawks Barn Farm

Hawks Barn farm, The lambs are reared naturally on grass, on the downs around the rolling countryside of Shaftesbury, in the heart of Dorset. The lambs enjoy a peaceful and stress free environment. The lambs are checked twice daily so that any required medicinal and routine treatments can be carried out quickly and effectively as their welfare is of the utmost importance. Once the lambs reach the desired weight and finished condition, they are taken a short distance for slaughter. All lambs are naturally reared on grass Red Tractor Farm Assured Good husbandry is at the heart of the farm principles with great care being taken to ensure the welfare of the rams, ewes and lambs.
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  • Hawks Barn Farm
  • Long Lane Cann
  • Shaftesbury , Dorset
  • SP7 0BJ
  • 01747 855280