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Durslade Farm (Horseley Estate)

Durslade Farm (Horseley Estate)

Red Tractor Farm Assurance No: 45990 Durslade Farm is located in Bruton, Somerset. We are a 300ha mixed farming Estate consisting of beef, sheep, pigs, goats, arable crops, apple orchards and a vineyard. We have 90 head of breeding cows and finish all our beef on the farm, we have Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and Wagyu cows. They graze our grass/clover fields during the Spring, Summer and early Autumn and then are housed during Winter when they are fed our home-grown grass and maize silage and some of the cereals that we grow. The Wagyu are a new addition to the farm and will produce superb quality beef with excellent taste and texture through the improved marbling in the meat. They are fed the same as the other cows but are also treated to the apple pomace from cider making and hopefully some cider when it is ready. Our sheep are a mixture of Exlana, Lleyn and Mule breeds and are mated with Charolais, Texel and Lleyn rams. We lamb outside in March and April and all our lambs are finished on grass/clover leys and forage crops. The Exlana sheep have been bred to be self-shedding and do not need to be shorn. In Spring when the weather warms up, their short fleece falls off or is rubbed off on fences. It is mainly collected by the local birds who use it in their nest-making. We aim to be as self-sufficient as possible, for example, we use our animal manures to fertilise the arable crops, we grow multi-species leys with clover included and apply bio-fertilsers to the crops from a nearby anaerobic digester, if we need extra fertility.
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