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The Naked Farmer

The Naked Farmer

We Produce "Gurt lush" 100% pasture fed and totally traceable Somerset lamb from our low input sheep farm just outside of Wincanton.
Our Story

We started our farm in September 2015 after losing my previous job as a shepherd. Disheartened by the way the industry was going the choice was either to leave agriculture completely or start farming ourselves. We chose the later. The idea for the Naked Farmer was born 12 years ago whilst at college but only physically came about when we sold our first batch of lambs in 2016, the price was so low at market that I decided I wasn't prepared to work for that so we started selling a few boxes locally whilst waiting for the price at market to increase. We ended up selling 700 lambs locally that year and didn't need to go back to market, ensuring that we are paid a fair price as farmers and our customers get top notch and traceable meat at bargain prices. In 2017 we also started selling locally produced beef and pork, and we produced our own Christmas turkeys.
Our Products

  • lamb
  • beef
  • pork
  • turkey
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