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Edible banana skin

I think many of us have tried to nibble at the skin of a banana and found it very unappealing, like the skin of a melon or pineapple. We just peel, eat and often throw the skin away without composting it. Now however a Japanese company, D and T Farm, has created a banana that you can eat, skin and all, which is pesticide free. The fruit is known as a mongee banana. Bananas grow in warm tropical climates in temperatures of 30 degrees celsius. In order to create a skin that you can eat, mongee bananas are cultivated in a much colder climate, with the banana cells being frozen initially and then they are freeze thaw awakened by keeping the fruit in very low temperatures. This seems to trigger a state of very quick growth, which cuts cultivation down to 6 months. The banana,which looks the same as a normal one, then has skin which is soft and sweet and can be eaten. These fruits are not cheap, selling at about $6 each in Japan, however the company has indicated that this system could be used on other fruits and that the technology that they are developing could mean the ability to grow fruit in very cold climates that currently have no ability to cultivate food.

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