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Ruby Chocolate

Ruby chocolate has been hailed as the fourth type of chocolate after milk, dark and white. Ruby chocolate is also interesting, because as the name suggests it is pink.
Developed by the company Barry Callebaut (, ruby chocolate is made from the Ruby bean which is unique in flavour and which has a distinctive red colour and the company has devised a way to process it so that the finished chocolate keeps the pink colour. The chocolate is said to have a berry/fruity flavour that is very smooth to taste but which is not milky or overly sweet. The beans are sourced from Brazil, Ivory Coast and Ecuador, they are a new type of bean but the processing of them has resulted in this pink type of chocolate.
The way in which the chocolate is made is being kept secret, however the company are stressing that the colour is completely natural and is not enhanced artificially at all.

Kit Kat are now using ruby chocolate in their products and it is obviously felt that there is a market of a new tasting chocolate that is not flavoured by adding ingredients in, but is simply has a naturally fruit taste. Whether consumers are ready for pink chocolate is another thing, however it has been 80 years since white chocolate first hit our shelves, and white chocolate is now a staple in the confectionery market.

Updated 18/04/2018 at 10:27


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