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I care about the happiness of living beings, like most people, but pigs especially, why not. My Grandfather was a pig breeder and I could see his genuineness at wanting to keep his pig stock happy. It was upsetting, however,  to get an in-depth insight into the state of our industrial pig farming culture from an anthropological ethnography.  I got the idea (from anthropology) to get different groups of producers to express their worldview and so enable consumers and compare between them.  It this way we can explore the different ways producers understand what they do, we can get a feel for them, and we can know which of them they are buying into.

I believe that as a mass culture we seem to have bought in to a world where living beings are constrained in as cages as a way to make things run more efficiently and rigidly at the expense of them living a life or expressing innate urges.  If instead we would choose to spend money on virtuous businesses, who care about the lives their staff, animals, and environment, who's way of thinking you agree with, then more of them would appear.

There is a 4000% mark up from the bottom end salt to the top.  If marketers can change where wealth is going that much for salt hopefully helping well run, ethical, farms, and producers to market them selves will direct wealth towards that sort of thing.

There are different perspectives about whether different salts are more healthy for you. The worldview that people believe will affect whether they are prepared to buy the more expensive salts.  

Here are some questions designed to probe into this topic and help site users get an feel for the reasoning behind different the different perspectives:

A question to create categories of salt:
How would you grade different types of salt in terms of how healthy they are when eaten?  Provide reasoning too.

Some more questions on salt grouped into a questionnaire:
Salt questionnaire

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