The cattle remain outside most of the year and are grass-fed and finished on organic crop feed
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Habitat and food

From birth, and In their early life, calves live of off their mothers milk and then gradually take up eating grass themselves. At around 9-12 months, whether depending, the calves are slowly weaned from their mothers
They then go on to a diet, which consists of a mix of barley, corn, hay and molasses, which are carefully measured. Firstly the mix is a high protein diet which helps them grow a good frame and then on to a higher carbohydrate diet to fill out.
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Well-being and health

We believe that it is really important to have content animals. Happy animals will be healthy animals. We pride ourselves in not requiring much antibiotic use.
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Soil, and pasture, management

We are very aware of the importance of looking after our soil and the environment. It is as important as the air we breath. We believe it is important to find ways of avoiding the cause of problems rather than looking for quick fixes or unsustainable ways of getting results. One thing we do is not use fertilizer and instead rely on the nitrogen fixing abilities of cloves.
Statement Labels

Organic standard soil management
Organic grass fed
Comfortable housing
Great length of time on pasture
Whole life onsite no markets, Localness: 4 star
Antibiotic use meets organic standards
The Aberdeen Angus

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Mr and Mrs Jones have been farming Aberdeen Angus cattle for 35 years after being passed down the family farm from their parents. The farm sits in a beautiful valley overlooking the Georgian city of Bath. The cattle remain outside most of the year and are completely grass-fed and Organic.Their two young boys Tom (7) and Jake (5) help feed the animals and are set to take over this glorious family farm for the next generation to raise.