Mr Brooks farm

About the farm

Mr Brooks the carrot farmer. I am an organic vegetable farmer based on the fertile soil of Bristol. Although I grow a range of vegetables I specialise in growing carrots, which take up 6 acres of my 10 acre farm.
Soil management

I manage my farm according to soil association standards and take pride in the way the soil on our farm has improved over the years. We have incorporated green manures into our fertility building on the farm and also gather green waste from our farm and surrounding farms to create lots of compost, which also helps maintain healthy soil.
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Varieties and strains

We have grown carrots on the farm for 11 years and now grow a range of different varieties, with our favourite being touchon or kaleidoscope mix – which are rainbow coloured.
Weeds and pest management

We believe that avoiding pests is mostly about creating harmonious balance in the ecosystem that involves humans too.
We constantly aim to improve the techniques we use to get a good crop, for example we use a stale seed bed technique followed by flame weeding which allows us to get ahead of the weeds and give the carrots a head start and we stop carrot fly damage by using a precision seeder, meaning we don’t have to thin the carrots and also covering areas in enviro-mesh.
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We are really careful with any pesticide we do use. We use
We are quite experimental on this farm and are trying out using biopesticides, which is basically re adding the helpful fungus to soil after we have gone and disturbed the soil by ploughing and altering the biology with new plants.
Harvest and packing

Once the carrots are picked using our specialised root picker they are either topped, bagged up and sold to shops as dirty carrots or cleaned and sold at a farmers market with their tops on.
Keeping fresh and transport

We keep them as dirty carrots

Knobly carrots. We believe in not wasteing